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Dental insurance is one of the main health insurance services. Once you have experienced a toothache and experienced the high cost of dentistry, you know how significant supplemental dental insurance is. Dental services are the most expensive medical services, accounting for more than 20% of total medical and pharmaceutical costs. Dental services are usually not covered by basic insurance due to high costs, and to use dental care services, you should consider supplementary insurance called dental insurance. If you do not know what dental insurance is, what coverage it has, and which company offers the best supplementary dental insurance, stay tuned for more information.


What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is coverage for defects, problems, and toothaches. Dental insurance is not an independent service and is part of the supplementary health insurance coverage. Given that dental services are exorbitant and almost all people will feel the need for them in their lives, it is natural that people look for the best dental insurance providers.

Insurance companies have decided to offer dental insurance services in their individual and group supplementary insurance due to the need for individuals to have access to appropriate dental services at a low cost. StrAIberry will tell you about the best dental plans that insurances provide.


The problem of insurance companies for dental services

One of the problems with basic insurance is that it covers limited dental services. In addition to service restrictions, access to the centers that provide these services and your insurance accepts to pay for them is also delicate. If you have insurance, you can only use it for some primary issues like regular fillings, scaling, and tooth extraction. Your cost is covered just if you have done your treatment in the centers that are parties to the insurance contract.

The importance of supplementary insurance at this stage shows itself. Supplemental insurance lets you use your insurance for more complex dental treatments. Another benefit of supplemental insurance is that it pays in partnership with numerous dental centers, and you can significantly reduce the cost of your treatment across the country.


Items covered by supplementary dental insurance

One of the most used services of supplementary insurance is dental coverage. Generally, dental insurance companies cover the following:

  • Costs related to tooth extraction (with or without surgery)
  • Criminalization
  • Brushing
  • Repairs and refills (as well as restorations)
  • Root canal treatment (denervation as well as re-denervation)
  • Covering teeth

Supplementary insurance covers the abovementioned dental problems. As it turns out, items such as orthodontics, implants, gingival surgery, and artificial teeth are not a part of their dental plan. Dentures, orthodontics, implants, and gum surgery do not seem to be cost-effective for insurance companies to cover. Notably, in special contracts and generally in groups, these items are also added to the covered one by increasing premiums.


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What are the types of dental insurance?

Dental insurance can be purchased individually or in groups. Companies such as SOS Insurance have offered plans to help people reduce their dental care practices costs. By using their provided service, you can cover a part of your dental expenses.

Supplementary dental insurance can also be provided in groups, in which case the individual must have a contract with insurance companies in the form of a company. Complimentary group insurance services are provided by more companies.


Documents required for dental payment

For many people, dental coverage is one of the central factors in purchasing complementary health insurance. With this in mind, insurance companies should first prepare an insurance policy to make the best dental insurance. After concluding the contract and getting the dental care coverage, the documents must be submitted to the insurance company to be paid.

These documents are as follows:

  • You should present the dental cost invoice without any scratches.
  • The patient’s name and surname should be written in the doctor’s order. Moreover, it should have the date and stamp of the dentist.
  • The name of the treatment should be written in full and cleared. If this is unclear, the insurance expert will pay according to his / her inferences.
  • The tooth number should be mentioned in the doctor’s prescription and other factors.
  • In cases of denervation, the number of canals; and in cases of filling, the level, and type of material should be written.
  • For payment, the doctor must be a specialist or general.
  • For extraction of more than two teeth, restoration of more than two teeth, denervation, implants, bridges, parcels, dental surgeries in soft and hard tissue, and dental veneers, you should provide a photo of before and after from tooth along with other documents.

Note that night guard, veneers, overseas, stitches, flooring, bleaching, spacers, all-porcelain veneers, and dental services are not included in all supplementary insurances.


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The cost of orthodontics

The cost of orthodontics is included in the group supplementary insurance coverage, which can be considered one of the best dental insurance. Orthodontics is one of the most basic needs for the beauty and health of the mouth and teeth. This way, every individual can benefit from a magnificent smile.

Although the cost of orthodontics is very high, some insurance companies offer this coverage. Companies that pay the most for dental treatment, are listed as the best dental insurance providers.

To use orthodontic coverage in group supplementary insurance, you need to get your insurance from companies that provide the best dental plan. Of course, if you are considering a particular insurance company, it is best to get in touch with insurance consultants to answer your questions.


What are the criteria for choosing the best supplementary dental insurance?

To choose the best supplementary dental insurance, a person must first determine his precise needs and buy his insurance according to the required coverage and the desired budget. One of the primary criteria in choosing the best dental insurance is to cover the entire needs of the insured. For example, if a person needs dental insurance to perform an implant but chooses insurance that does not cover the implant, then the person cannot use it.

Another important parameter in choosing the best dental insurance is the scope and quality of the dental centers of the contracting party. Each of the insurance companies has a contract with some medical centers. So it is better to check the list of these centers before buying insurance and make sure if they are qualified enough by doing the necessary research.

Another important criterion is the liability ceiling of dental coverage in the insurance in question. Some insurance companies offer a limited cap for this coverage, but some insurers also offset a higher liability cap.


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